the Art of Professional Dialogue


The Legacy Forum* Invites you to

  a two-part workshop on


Art of Professional Dialogue


Eastern Region

August 1-2, 2020

3-5PM EDT on Zoom

Suggested optional donation $24

(all funds go to FEFNA to support Legacy)

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   Donna Blank, Liza Weaver Brickey, Alice Friedman

       ~Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.~

– Helen Keller






Your Voice Matters

Your unique thoughts, feelings and perceptions are important for the community to hear. Engaging in dialogue builds a field of trust and respect that gives your voice a place at the table.

What the Two Days will Offer You

  • We will begin with what is currently important to you as you build listening skills and find your own voice in community.
  • The art and skill of Professional Dialogue will enhance your personal life, your professional life and support living forward into this evolving culture.
  • New ideas emerge as we build community, professional competence and confidence. This process can deal with anything!

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~Sponsored by the Legacy Forum Committee:

The Legacy Forum is a self-formed group of Feldenkrais® Practitioners concerned about the future of our profession and committed to finding ways forward. We are100% volunteer – not an official working group of any guild.

We gather voices from varied backgrounds and experience present in our community to look at the serious professional challenges ahead. We have been meeting for the past five plus years and slowly expanding our learnings into the wider practitioner community. All our voices are important and need to be heard.

*The process of Professional Dialogue we have been using has arisen from and true to, the principles of our work and also a keystone of the FPP, competency skill development process.  

The facilitators and Legacy Forum Committee are donating their tine and skills to this webinar to build a supportive and vibrant community for the future

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