“There are no Legs”


Maureen McHugh

“There are no legs”

Sunday January 6th, 2020

Arlington, VA – Crowne Plaza

Exploring the primacy of the actions of the torso in improving standing, walking and running.

“There are no legs”

This statement, spoken with a poker face and clearly untrue, comes from the teaching of t’ai chi. It is useful as an entry into the vital insight that the legs do not function independently. Instead their action emanates from the spine, and, more generally, from the torso. This statement invites us to perceive more richly that the center of the self is the engine of movement. This accords with the Feldenkrais teaching that improvement comes through greater integration of the whole.

In this workshop you will explore the movement patterns and the mental and emotional linkages that bring about better use of the legs. Over the course of the day you are likely to feel an increase in strength, stamina, stability — and the mysterious joy that comes from a greater sense of wholeness.

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